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The Best Commercial Medical Facility Services in PA

Medical and healthcare facilities require fully functioning HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems to comply with local, state, and national standards and codes. That’s why Haller is here to help with our top-grade commercial medical services in all the trades. From water quality to indoor air quality, you can trust our technicians to put the health of your facility and patients first.

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24/7 Commercial Care for Your Medical Facility

We cover all the trades to maintain your facility.

For your medical facility to be the best it can be, Haller offers 24/7 emergency service to provide the safest solutions for any of the unique challenges your building and systems face.


From heating and cooling to indoor air quality, your healthcare facility deserves the best HVAC services Pennsylvania has to offer. At Haller, we can inspect your air systems to guarantee the air circulating throughout your building is safe and clean to breathe.


We know how hefty the upkeep of your facility’s electrical systems and equipment can be. Whether you need touchless electrical upgrades, lighting repairs, or an infrared thermography inspection, our commercial electrical services provide energy and cost-effective solutions to ensure your facility has the power it needs to operate safely and efficiently.


Modern medical facilities must meet certain standards to ensure the pipework and water quality are safe for all staff members and patients. Haller’s commercial plumbing services guarantee the safety and reliability of your facility’s gas, drainage, and water supply lines.

In addition to designing your plumbing system for safety, our certified plumbers are here to:

  • Ensure access to deionized and purified water
  • Provide top-grade repair and replacement services
  • Manage chemical and water waste issues
  • Implement touchless plumbing updates for healthy buildings.

You can count on Haller to handle all your plumbing installation, repair, and replacement needs for your healthcare facility.


Whether you’re storing vaccines, medication, or other medical supplies, your facility’s refrigeration equipment needs to be in shape to keep your inventory cool and ready to use.

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Haller’s Commercial Service Plans in PA

The expenses to maintain your healthcare facility, systems, and equipment can be quite high. With Haller’s commercial service plans, you can save energy and money on making your facility safe and comfortable.

Haller’s commercial trade services are here to limit patient disruption and provide you with top-grade installations, repairs, and replacements.

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