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At Haller Enterprises, we understand the transformative power of lighting on your central Pennsylvania home’s functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. The right lighting does more than illuminate spaces — it creates the perfect ambiance, improves safety, and can even boost your home’s energy efficiency.

With our comprehensive lighting installations, we’re committed to bringing your vision to life. At Haller, our team comprises licensed and insured professionals, and we provide free estimates on replacement quotes, upfront pricing, and a commitment to service excellence.

For expert lighting installations in central Pennsylvania, count on Haller Enterprises.

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Indoor Lighting

The right indoor lighting setup can drastically alter the mood and usability of your central Pennsylvania home. Haller offers a variety of indoor lighting solutions designed to fit your needs and style. 

Our indoor lighting design and installation services include:

  • Bathroom lighting: We can illuminate your bathroom, from functional vanity lighting to ambient options that create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere.
  • Kitchen lighting: We specialize in bright, energy-efficient lighting that enhances functionality while adding character to the heart of your home.
  • Ceiling fans with lights: Combine comfort and illumination with stylish ceiling fans, suitable for any room.
  • Recessed lighting: We install this type of lighting for a sleek, modern look that seamlessly integrates into your ceiling, providing even, unobtrusive lighting.
  • Track lighting: Flexible and adjustable, track lighting offers focused illumination that’s perfect for highlighting artwork or architectural features.

Each option is customizable to your preferences, so you get the most out of your living space. Our team will ensure a blend of form and function that elevates your home.

For beautiful and functional indoor lighting, choose Haller. Call (717) 204-8120 to schedule an indoor lighting installation consultation.

Outdoor Lighting

In central Pennsylvania, we love the outdoors as much as we love our indoor spaces. Extend the beauty and functionality of your home to the outdoors with Haller’s outdoor lighting solutions. 

Our outdoor lighting design and installation services include:

  • Floodlighting: Enhance security and visibility around your property with powerful, well-placed floodlights.
  • Landscape lighting: Show off your landscaping with strategically placed lights that highlight the best features of your garden or yard.
  • Security lighting: Keep your home safe with motion-sensor lights and other security lighting options that deter unwanted visitors.

Outdoor lighting increases your home’s curb appeal and adds a layer of security, making your property safer.

Keep your outdoor living area safe and aesthetically pleasing. Schedule your outdoor lighting installation by calling (717) 204-8120.

Why Choose Haller Enterprises for Lighting Installation?

Choose Haller Enterprises for your lighting design and installation needs in central Pennsylvania. At Haller, we work with you to create an environment that reflects your style and meets your needs.

Our mission to enrich lives extends to every service. We’re dedicated to redefining the contractor-customer relationship with honesty, transparency, and exceptional service.

Our licensed and certified technicians have the knowledge to handle complex wiring, switches, and panel upgrades essential for integrating new lighting into your home. We take the time to explore different options with you, providing transparency and the best value and solutions for your needs. 

Schedule lighting installation in central Pennsylvania by calling (717) 204-8120 today.