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Peace of Mind, All Day, Everyday

Just like your car, your home’s mechanical systems need regular service, maintenance, and inspection to ensure that they operate at peak efficiency. Save money and take better care of your home with our One Call Club preferred customer program.

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Peace of Mind

We’ll make sure to catch the small things before they become larger issues, so you don’t have to.

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Smart Home Maintenance Solutions

Optional upgrades to add smart products that monitor your equipment 24/7 to predict problems before they occur.

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Priority Service

It’s all about you. Our maintenance plans exist to put you and your home first and foremost.

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Prolonged Equipment Life

Through our maintenance plans, we’re able to predict unexpected failures and keep your systems running at peak performance longer.

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Planned Maintenance

Our team provides service on a wide range of equipment you may have in your home, from general HVAC equipment to water treatment systems, indoor air quality, generators, and even electrical equipment.

You may be thinking, what is planned maintenance and why do I need it? This is the most critical question – but oddly – a question that doesn’t get asked enough. Today’s homes have more mechanical systems, and more advanced systems, than ever before.

Just like other advanced mechanical systems, they need to get routine maintenance to continue operating in peak condition, and to prevent costly repairs. Many times our technicians get called to emergency repair situations that could have been easily prevented with planned maintenance.

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Our Home Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • Standard Equipment Maintenance
  • Reduced After-Hours / Emergency Rate
  • Reduced Repair Diagnostic Fees
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • “Change Your Filter” Reminder Emails
  • 1″ Filter Included with Maintenance
  • Optional Upgrades for Smart Home Monitoring
  • Guaranteed Emergency Service within 24h
  • Reduced Pricing for All Service Work
  • System Enhancement Recommendations
  • Heating / Cooling System $250 Replacement Rebate
  • Members-Only Coupon Offers
  • Replacement Batteries for Thermostat with Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Features

What are the benefits of being a One Call Club member?

The best benefit of Haller’s One Call Club is receiving regular maintenance at your home – this will save you money and headaches in the long-run! But the benefits do not end there. Anytime you need us you will get priority scheduling because you’re a member. The diagnostic fee is reduced for you as well – as are any repairs you might need. That’s only the beginning. You’ll also get a rebate for a new system installation, members-only coupons and offers, HVAC filter inclusion, guaranteed emergency service, and much more!

Do I only get reduced repair rates on the equipment you service?

The amazing thing about being a One Call Club member (silver or above) is that your reduced service rates on repairs applies to any service work you need at your home – not just work on the equipment we do maintenance on. So even if we just do maintenance on your air conditioner once a year, you’ll get discounted service rates on any work in any of trades: heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical or water conditioning.

What is the “replacement rebate”?

A great benefit to having a home maintenance plan as part of the One Call Club is our heating/cooling equipment replacement rebate. This means that if you need to have your primary heating or cooling equipment replaced, you’ll get a rebate for being a One Call Club member. This can be especially valuable since a furnace or air conditioner replacement isn’t always planned – and saving an extra $250 can be a huge help.

Can I just get maintenance without being a One Call Club member?

One Call Club membership and all the benefits that come with it is included with any standard equipment maintenance we do. Only customers who select a Clean & Check service do not qualify for One Call Club membership.

Preventative Maintenance

Why is Preventative Maintenance important?

This is the most critical question – but oddly – a question that doesn’t get asked often enough. Today’s homes have more mechanical systems, and more advanced systems, than ever before. It’s just like other advanced mechanical systems – like cars or the human body – they need to get routine maintenance to continue operating in peak condition, and to prevent costly repairs. Many times our technicians get called to emergency repair situations that could have been easily prevented with regular maintenance.

If my system is new and/or running well, why do I need preventative maintenance?

There are two primary reasons to get maintenance on new equipment. First is the obvious: new equipment only stays “like new” and in good working order by being maintained properly and regularly. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – this is absolutely true when it comes to your home mechanical systems. And the second primary reason is that new equipment often is under warranty by the manufacturer – and nearly every manufacturer’s warranty requires regular maintenance as a stipulation. We have unfortunately encountered situations where a repair that should be covered under warranty isn’t – because the homeowner failed to get routine maintenance.

What equipment in my home should receive regular preventative maintenance?

Most homes have heating and cooling equipment that should get regular, yearly maintenance. This would include air conditioners (central air systems), heat pumps, furnaces and boilers. But many people have water treatment systems, add-on accessories for air quality, home generators – and a variety of other mechanical systems that should be serviced yearly. Generally speaking, if it runs regularly – it should be looked at regularly. Fortunately, we can provide maintenance for most of these HVAC, electrical or plumbing systems. For a full list of everything we can service, go to www.hallerenterprises.com

How often should I be getting maintenance on my system(s)?

Most equipment should be serviced yearly – heat pumps being the largest exception in that they provide both heating and cooling and should therefore be serviced twice in a year. Air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, most water treatment systems, air quality equipment… all should be serviced once a year.

When should maintenance be performed?

Yearly maintenance can occur at anytime during the “running season.” As long as it gets done – that’s what matters! So air conditioners should be serviced anytime during the spring or summer. Furnaces should be done during the fall or winter. Water treatment systems done anytime, etc.

Should I contact Haller to schedule my maintenance appointment?

We will send you several reminders when it is approaching the time for your maintenance, although you are also welcome to contact us at anytime to schedule your appointment. If you have a strong preference in scheduling, or limited availability, then we especially encourage you to contact us well in advance to get your appointment on our schedule. In particular, the start of each heating or cooling season tends to fill up quickly, so the sooner we set the appointment, the better.

Is my maintenance appointment guaranteed?

We make every effort to keep our schedule each day. Both our customer care staff and our field technicians understand that many people make special arrangements in preparation for their maintenance appointment – and we all work very hard to avoid last minute changes. Unfortunately, the nature of our business is at times unpredictable. During the extremely hot or cold days of the year we may have One Call Club members in an emergency situation, and in order to provide for them we occasionally need to reschedule a maintenance appointment.

When are you available to perform my preventative maintenance?

We have technicians available to perform maintenance Monday-Friday, 7:30am-5:00pm, and also on Saturdays from 7:30am-4:00pm.

Enrollments, Payments & Plan Changes

What is EZPay?

Our most convenient and affordable payment option is EZPay. We break the year’s cost into 12 equal payments, to be charged directly to your credit card (or bank account). This enables you to break the payment into smaller portions, and also requires no action on your part beyond the initial enrollment. And because EZPay includes Auto-Renewal, you don’t need to worry about your One Call Club membership expiring and you losing any benefits – potentially at a time when you need them!

When do I get billed each month?

Our monthly EZPay charges occur mid-month, on or around the 15th.

What is Auto-Renewal?

Auto Renew is an easy and simple way to renew and pay for your membership. Link your card or account for monthly reoccurring payments. And never worry about lapsing your coverage, Auto Renew will automatically renew your membership when the time comes.

How will I know when it is time to renew my One Call Club membership?

For those members who do not auto-renew their contract, we will send a reminder notice about a month in advance of the expiration. This allows you time to review for the upcoming year and contact us to renew. Just remember to renew before it expires so you don’t lose any of the amazing additional benefits that come with membership!

What if I move?

There are a few options when our One Call Club members move to a new home: as long as the new house is within Haller’s service area, you can simply transfer from your old house to the new house. Any prepaid and unperformed maintenance can be transferred to your new residence. Or, you can request that we provide any remaining maintenance to the new homeowners at the old house. Either way, you should call our Customer Care Team to speak with a representative and ensure everything is changed correctly.

How do I add equipment to my maintenance plan?

If you need to add any of your home mechanical systems or accessories to your current maintenance agreement, simply call our customer care team and ask to add the equipment. Many customer with heating/cooling maintenance also have accessories such as humidifiers, dehumidifier, indoor air quality accessories… or even water heaters and water treatment systems. Have all your needs handled with one phone call – that’s why it’s the One Call Club.

How do I cancel my One Call Club membership?

Well obviously, we do not recommend this. But of course, there are times that this becomes necessary. All you need to do is contact us and let us know. You can call us or go to our website – just give your name and address and let us know how to change your One Call Club membership. Any refunds are based on your maintenance schedule, and maintenance that was paid for but not performed for the current contract year. And if cancellation occurs during the first year of membership, then any benefits received for being a member could be retroactively withdrawn.