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These days, our Central Pennsylvania homes are equipped with many electrical appliances and devices that have become integral to our daily lives.

A reliable electrical panel is essential for safely powering your home. Ensuring the proper management of the electrical current through your home protects HVAC systems, appliances, electronics, and more from critical damage. It also protects your home against fires and other hazards.

At Haller Enterprises, our licensed and insured electricians provide a comprehensive range of electrical services, including installations, repairs, and replacements. We adhere to strict safety standards and guarantee code compliance with the systems we service.

Signs You Need Electrical Panel Services

If you notice any of these deficiencies and problems with your electrical systems, it’s time to schedule electrical panel services:

  • Frequently tripped breakers 
  • Breakers won’t reset
  • Flickering lights
  • Burning odors
  • Scorch marks
  • Corrosion or other physical damage
  • Panel is warm to the touch
  • Buzzing or crackling sounds

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Our Electrical Panel Services 

We maintain the up-to-date expertise and training necessary to service all brands and ensure we provide the code-compliant solutions you need. We’re always prepared to answer your questions and help you find the optimal solution.

Our expert electricians offer a comprehensive range of electrical panel services, including:

  • Electrical panel upgrades: We can assess your needs and determine whether installing new circuit breakers, adding a sub-panel, or replacing your electrical panel is best. This includes heavy ups, which are required to support EV charging stations, whole-home generators, additions to your home, etc.
  • Electrical panel installations: We can install electrical panels in new construction or as part of renovation/remodeling work. We offer a selection of exceptional systems that will provide reliable, energy-efficient performance.
  • Electrical panel repairs: We can repair or replace damaged wiring, replace circuit breakers, tighten connections, and perform other repairs as necessary.
  • Emergency repairs: We’re available 24/7 to answer your call and provide the emergency electrical repairs you need.

Why Choose Us?

For over 40 years, the electricians at Haller Enterprises have proudly served homeowners throughout Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. We service all brands and guarantee the quality work our licensed and insured electricians deliver. When you choose our team, you’ll get upfront pricing, free estimates on replacements, same-day service, and more.  

Call the electricians at Haller Enterprises to schedule electrical panel services in Pennsylvania.

Electrical Panel FAQs

Which electrical panels require immediate replacement?

Often in older homes, panels manufactured by Zincsco, Federal Pacific Electric, Challenger, and Pushmatic have known safety issues that can ignite fires, cause electrocution, short circuit, etc. A professional should immediately replace these panels.

Do I need to replace my electrical panel to support a new EV charging station, whole-home generator, or other large appliance?

Possibly. In many instances, installing a subpanel to support these devices may be sufficient. Our electricians can assess your electrical panel and determine the best option.

What steps will an electrician perform to maintain my electrical panel?

Electricians can tighten electrical connections, clean dust and debris from the cabinet, verify proper ventilation, check panel doors to ensure a proper seal, and more. As a general rule, you should schedule electrical panel maintenance every two to three years. 

Are there any tax credits available for upgrading my electrical panel?

The Inflation Reduction Act allows homeowners to claim 30% or up to $600 for electrical panel upgrades.