Infrared thermography

Curious about infrared thermography? Or not sure exactly what it is? Haller is here to help! Before diving into what it can do, let’s look at what it actually is.

What Is Infrared Thermography?

Infrared thermography is a quick and effective way to inspect your electrical systems without causing damage to your building.

Rather than tearing down walls to locate issues in or behind your walls, thermographic inspection devices use infrared light waves to measure surface temperatures in the form of images (called thermograms). Thermograms display temperature variations on a color gradient, from which you or a professional inspector can interpret to identify any electrical hazards in your building.

Why Is Infrared Thermography Important?

Infrared thermography is important because the thermograms can detect the more extreme temperatures at each end of the spectrum. For example, the color red indicates hotter temperatures and may point to issues with overheated electrical connections.

This type of technology can protect your business’s electrical systems by proactively determining thermal issues in your building before they evolve into significant hazards.

How Can Haller Help My Business With Infrared Thermography?

Along with skipping the process of tearing down any walls for inspection and preventing costly repairs, infrared thermography can significantly benefit your business by detecting any electrical issues in your building.

Electrical faults

When there’s an issue with your building’s electrical system, like an extremely high current, heat will generate. A thermographic inspection device can detect this heat and point to a range of issues: loose connections, open circuits, breaker problems, inductive heating, faulty terminal wires, among others.

For your business to operate efficiently and safely, it’s always a good idea to identify electrical issues early on. Thermal imaging locates problems that aren’t always visible, helping prevent electrical faults in the future. Regular electrical maintenance and thermography can also help lower insurance costs and save your business energy.

Count On Haller For Your Thermography Inspection In PA

Your business deserves a building that’s in tip-top shape. Infrared thermography is an incredible tool that can help maintain the conditions of your building’s electrical systems without a single touch to any of the walls and ceilings.

If you haven’t already, consider adding an annual thermography inspection to your building’s preventative maintenance routines in PA. You can count on Haller to complete a thorough thermography inspection of your building to identify any potential problems and provide the services to solve them.

Give us a call today or book an appointment online for a thermography inspection!

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