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As much as you adore your pets, don’t let their cute expressions and soft fur fool you — they could be affecting the air quality in your home. When you start noticing frequent allergy symptoms and feel like you’re inhaling more fur than air, it’s time to paw at the problem to find ways to improve the air you breathe.

Pet Pollutants and Air Quality

Wondering where those sudden sneezes are coming from? Your pets are active polluters in your home. Whether it’s pet dander, fur, odor, or the dirt nestled under their paws, your furry friends trek in a wide variety of contaminants. And while your allergy symptoms may not show right away, you’ll want to consider these following methods to improve the poor air quality in your home.

Air Scrubbers

One of the ways you can improve the pet-related air quality issues in your home is by having an Air Scrubber installed. Air Scrubbers use ActivePure® technology to remove dust, allergens, dander, or other particles floating in the air. Air Scrubbers are proven to remove 90% of airborne contaminants and are among the best air purifiers with pets at home.

Air Duct and Filter Maintenance

If you start experiencing allergy symptoms and notice dirt piling up around your home’s air ducts and filters, it’s time for a deep clean. When pet dander gets stuck in these small places, it circulates throughout your home, worsening the air quality.

Having your air ducts cleaned routinely by a professional can help keep your air clean. It’s also important to regularly change your air filter even more frequently when you have a pet.

Keep Your Home and Your Pets Clean

Along with investing in an air purifier for pet hair, you’ll know it’s time for a deep clean when your furniture starts to feel more like fur than fabric. You can improve your home’s indoor air quality by regularly cleaning your home and grooming your pets!

Along with vacuums and sweepers for your floors and surfaces, there are specially designed brushes you can use on your pets to help reduce shedding. Also, be sure to frequently clean their bedding so that the fur collected there doesn’t spread to the rest of your house.

Pet-Free Zones

It’s common for your pets to follow in your footsteps around the house. But the more rooms they enter, the more dander they’re spreading across your home. Consider making parts of your home pet-free zones to prevent dander collection and to save yourself cleaning time.

Purr-fecting Your Air Quality For the Future

While your pets may not fret about the fur they’re shedding, it’s important that you think about it! With the help of an Air Scrubber, routine air duct and filter maintenance, and pet grooming, you can live comfortably knowing the air quality in your home is healthy and safe for you and your pets.

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