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How often do you think about the quality of air in your home? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably not that often. There is a level of expectation that the air inside of our home is clean and worry is unnecessary. Unless you have a family member who suffers from asthma or allergies, you’ve probably done little in terms of air quality control.

Improving the quality of air in your home is easier than you think, and it can provide benefits for the whole family – not just allergy and asthma sufferers. Taking a few steps to improve the air quality in your home can dramatically increase the health and happiness of your family.

Clean Air Ducts

A major contributor to the indoor air quality in your home is the condition of your air ducts. An incredible amount of unhealthy, little home intruders can collect in air ducts including dust mites and dust, pet dander, allergens insects, rodent droppings, microbial growths, pollen, dirt and other debris. Whatever is in those ducts can end up in your lungs.

Cleaning out those ducts can make a massive difference in your everyday breathing comfort and health. If you find you or your family members are coughing, wheezing or sneezing more than they have in years past, a good air duct cleaning might be what you need. Even if there are no noticeable health symptoms, you might be ready for a duct cleaning if you’re seeing more dust than normal piling up around the home.

Install a Whole Home Humidifier

Waking up to dry skin, itchy dry eyes, and a wave of static electricity from your sheets can mean waking up on the wrong side of the bed for you and even your whole family. In places that don’t get enough moisture, especially in winter, dry air can be a huge indoor air quality problem.

Symptoms of indoor air that is too dry can include dry, itchy skin, nosebleeds, severe asthma, dry morning eyes and respiratory infections. A whole home humidifier can adjust your indoor air to the proper humidity level, increasing your comfort and potentially resolving many of these problems very quickly. That means no more waking up to immediately put in eye drops to catch the morning news, skipping hand lotion to read the paper, and reducing your chance of shocking your hand on the bedroom door handle.

If you aren’t ready to make the jump to a whole home humidifier, try adding a humidifier to the bedroom. If it makes a noticeable difference in your sleep or day-to-day life, it might be time for an upgrade. If you’re using a small, one room humidifier, make sure to keep in clean to manufacturer specifications. Otherwise, you’re spreading harmful bacteria throughout the room.

Install a Whole Home Dehumidifier

Other homes may have the opposite problem with their air quality. That is to say, they are dealing with too much humidity in their home. This can also create many problems. Excess moisture can warp wood floors and swell doors. More importantly, pests thrive in humid environments, so you are more likely to see insect infestations and features that are catastrophic for air quality like mold, mildew and dust mites.

Most air conditioners can take care of this in the summer months. Many people think that it is an air conditioners job to remove humidity. While some do, it is really just a byproduct of the cooling process. The only way to fully take care of this in summer, or if you notice an excess of humidity in other seasons, it might be time to consider a whole home dehumidifier.

Act Now to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

The best way to resolve air quality problems is with the help of trained air quality professionals. One service call for the most problematic issues in your home can dramatically improve your air quality for a long time. If you’re located in Southcentral, Central or Southeastern Pennsylvania, in areas such as Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, York, Chester County or Quakertown, you only need to make one call to Haller Enterprises.

Haller Enterprises are your top experts for all aspects of improving your home — including plumbing services, electrical wiring, heating and cooling, water testing and air quality. Haller Enterprises can send highly skilled air quality experts to clean your ducts thoroughly, top to bottom, getting rid of all contaminants.

And if you need whole home humidifier or dehumidifier service, Haller experts are ready to answer that call, too, with a commitment to quality and customer service that we’ll put up against any contractor in the world.

If freer, healthier breathing is important to you and your family, there’s no time to waste. To schedule a duct cleaning, humidifier installation or dehumidifier installation, please contact us below.

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