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With colder weather comes cranked up heating systems, static shocks, and dry, dry air. Not only does this air aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms, but it also affects the parts of your home that make it so special–chipping and drying your painted walls, cracking your wooden floors, etc.

Measuring and controlling the moisture of the air in your home may seem pointless, it actually drastically changes the quality of life and daily activities. With low humidity environments, you and your family are more susceptible to catching colds, developing dry eyes and aggravating respiratory ailments. Haller’s decades of experience will service and repair your whole house humidifier anytime, anywhere. We seek to make your home a comfortable place to relax and enjoy.

Types of whole-house humidifiers

We understand that while there are many types of whole-house humidifiers, not every kind is the best for your home. We’ve outlined a few types for you to best assess what would be the optimal option in humidifying your space.

Bypass humidifiers

They suck warm air into your home’s heat ducts and passes it through a water panel, where the air absorbs moisture. The air is then transferred back into your home as steam. These are typically good for water conservation efforts.

Steam humidifiers

Unlike bypass humidifiers, steam humidifiers don’t use a furnace. It instead boils water to create steam, which is then dispersed into your home through vents by a fan. They’re the most efficient and natural method to pushing moisture into your home.

Fan-powered humidifiers

Fans blow air across the water panel, increasing the amount of evaporation and producing more humidity per day.

How Haller Can Help

Once you’ve decided which humidifier you want, Haller won’t leave you in the dark. Along with a high-quality humidifier, you’ll also receive fast and reliable service whenever you may need it. With 24 hour service, you’ll never be left alone.