Haller HVAC technicians working on a Trane furnace

Lititz, PA (9/17/2018) – Haller Enterprises, Inc. a mechanical and electrical contractor serving central and southeastern Pennsylvania, will be opening a facility to run comprehensive training programs for a career in the HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical trades. This learning center, called HallerU, will offer Field Ready programs that will run for several weeks, taking someone with little or no experience in the trades and making them “field ready” to begin a career at Haller Enterprises.

“The current labor shortage in the construction and mechanical trades is impacting everyone in those industries,” says Joel Charles, Director of HallerU. “For people who have an interest in starting in our field, we need to do our part to remove the obstacles that would prevent them from doing that. HallerU will do this by providing the foundational training that many people don’t know how to get or can’t afford to get. We’ll equip them with skills so they can be empowered to start a career in the trades.”

HallerU will also serve current Haller Enterprises’ employees by providing advanced skills training, product education, and personal development coaching.

There will be several Open House events in the Fall of 2018 to allow the public and HallerU applicants to see the facility and interact with staff. The first HallerU Field Ready program will be for the HVAC trade and will start in the beginning of 2019.

Individuals interested in learning more about HallerU, or interested in applying for a Field Ready Program, can go to www.HallerU.com

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