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Top-Rated Electricians in Lancaster, PA

At Haller Enterprises, we pride ourselves on enriching the lives of our employees, customers, and communities by delivering unparalleled commercial and residential electrical services.

Since 1981, Haller has been trusted by Lancaster homeowners and businesses because of our licensed and insured technicians, upfront pricing with financing options, and same-day impeccable services.

Expert Electrical Services

Our comprehensive electrical solutions include:


Backup Generators

Experience an endless power supply during outages or emergencies. Our team at Haller is ready to help by recommending the next steps after you’ve determined the best type of generator for your needs, answering your questions, and professionally installing the unit.

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Electrical Installation & Replacement

From installing lighting fixtures and ceiling fans to replacing outdated wiring and electrical panels, our electrical installations and replacements ensure a secure and efficient electrical system tailored to your needs while meeting industry standards.

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Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Indoor and outdoor lighting is crucial in setting the ambiance, enhancing safety, and boosting aesthetics in residential and commercial spaces. Enhance your home’s interior or exterior curb appeal with our comprehensive indoor and outdoor lighting services.

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Electrical Repair

Count on Haller Enterprises for prompt and reliable electrical repairs in Lancaster, PA. Our experienced technicians address a wide range of issues, restoring electrical systems to optimal functionality safely and efficiently.

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Whole- & Partial-Home Rewiring

Haller Enterprises is happy to offer whole-home rewiring in Lancaster, PA. This investment ensures compliance with current electrical codes, reduces the risk of fire hazards, and accommodates the electrical demands of modern lifestyles.

Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Our panel upgrade services include installation and replacement of electrical panels, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your home or business. You can trust that your property’s electrical system is up to code, capable of meeting modern energy demands, and protected against potential hazards.

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Outlets & Switches

Whether you’re upgrading to modern, energy-efficient outlets and switches or troubleshooting issues with existing ones, Haller Enterprises offers outlet and switch solutions tailored to meet the needs of Lancaster home and business owners.

Car Charging Station

Car Charging Stations

Installing an EV charging station at your home or business offers many benefits, including convenience, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. Our highly skilled technicians offer professional installation of EV charging stations so you can conveniently charge your electric vehicle, avoiding the hassle of public charging stations and ensuring your car is always charged and ready.

Why Choose Haller for Your Electrical Services in Lancaster, PA?

Our team at Haller Enterprises is proud to offer comprehensive electrical solutions that prioritize your well-being and satisfaction. With our same-day services, licensed and insured technicians, and commitment to upfront pricing, you can trust us to handle your electrical needs promptly and professionally.

Our free estimates on replacement quotes, financing options, and maintenance plans ensure your electrical system remains in top condition without breaking the bank.

Experience high-quality service by choosing Haller Enterprises today. Contact our team at (717) 204-8120 to schedule an electrical service.

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