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How To Keep Your Commercial Refrigeration Services Costs Down

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The cost of a walk-in commercial cooler alone (or any refrigeration system, for that matter) can make a dent in your business’s bank account. Even after they’re installed, commercial refrigeration systems require a great deal of energy, accounting for as much as 60% of a business’s energy consumption and driving up your business costs. 

Main Sources of Commercial Refrigeration Costs

You can trace refrigeration system costs to a few sources. The actual purchase is a large cost,  and then there’s installation. After installation, operating expenses and energy consumption add to the total price, and other unexpected costs can spring up along the way. In the end,  the amount you spend on your system can be (sometimes unnecessarily) high.

Equipment Failure and Product Loss

Two unexpected costs associated with commercial refrigeration systems are unscheduled repair services and product loss due to inadequate maintenance. If your systems are not properly taken care of, you can expect issues to arise that will require costly repairs.

Emergency Replacements

Another big expense is emergency replacement. When an issue arises within your system, it may require a whole system replacement. Because businesses rely so heavily on their refrigeration systems, this replacement often needs to be addressed immediately — and that can make it a sudden, surprisingly high expense.

Saving on Commercial Refrigeration

There are several steps you can take to help avoid these issues and emergency replacements and the costs that come with them.

Usage Tips and Tricks

When you use commercial refrigeration, you must commit to maintaining it. Here are some steps you can take regularly to costs down and efficiency up:

  • Keep the lights in your units off when you aren’t inside them to optimize your energy consumption and to save on electricity bills.
  • Keep the space around your units clear so that nothing impedes its performance.
  • Inspect your systems, keeping your eye out for any signs of damage or wear and tear.
  • Clean your unit and its parts thoroughly.
  • Check around the doors on your systems for any cold air leaks.
  • Ensure that the temperature and defrost settings are working as expected. 

Performing these tasks will help your system work efficiently and effectively, helping you avoid repairs and extra service.

Upgrades and Installations

Another great way to keep costs low is to ensure that your commercial refrigeration systems are up to date as technology advances. Newer models of commercial refrigeration systems are equipped to perform with high energy efficiency. If you want to save in the long run, consider upgrading your system to a newer model now. Haller’s commercial technicians have years of experience working in refrigeration, and can help you select the best system for you and your business.

Regular Maintenance

One of the best ways to prevent expensive issues? Regular maintenance by a skilled technician! Maintenance services can include:

  • Thorough inspection of the entire system, including electrical connections 
  • Full system cleaning, including internal and external parts
  • Parts operation inspection and testing 
  • Thermostat and control settings operational checkup
  • Hinge lubrication and leak sealing, if necessary

Other than helping to catch minor issues before they become big ones, regular commercial refrigeration maintenance also:

  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Prevents hazards and safety violations

Haller is here to help you keep your costs down by providing regular commercial refrigeration inspection and maintenance services. Our commercial technicians are highly trained and experienced and will take great care of you, your systems, and your business.

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