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Why Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Matters

When seasons change, your HVAC system kicks into high gear — how well is it working for your building? Is your system helping or hurting the health of your employees, clients, and visitors? An up-to-date, well-maintained system could mean the difference between a worried workforce and a team of employees who are comfortable and confident coming to work.

With age-old concerns like allergens and brand new worries like COVID-19, indoor air quality (IAQ) matters more than ever. From schools and churches to offices and warehouses, it pays to test, track, and improve the air that’s circulating around you, no matter the size or purpose of your building. 

Haller experts can help identify issues with ventilation and contaminants, offer smart solutions, and bring your IAQ up to a new level. Ready to reduce risk and improve comfort for everyone in your building? Give us a call!

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How Clean is Your Air?

Sometimes the biggest threats to health and comfort are those you can’t see. If you’re not sure how your indoor air quality measures up, ask yourself these questions to help determine if your building has an IAQ problem:

  • Is your humidity level too low or too high? 
  • How well can air circulate?
  • What ventilation methods are you using?
  • Where are you storing chemical and other products?
  • How many people are sharing the space?
  • How are you filtering out harmful particles from the air?

Pinning Down IAQ Factors

Have you heard of sick building syndrome? It refers to a range of discomforts that employees can experience when they spend a lot of time in a building. Common symptoms are fatigue, headaches, and breathing problems. There are three categories of things that could contribute to this syndrome (and general health risk):

  • Chemical contaminants (gases, vapors, combustion byproducts)
  • Biological pollutants (pollen, bacteria, viruses)
  • Particulates (very small organic and inorganic compounds)

The level of humidity and the way you store substances are important, but circulation and ventilation plays a huge role in your building’s indoor air quality. 

When doors and windows are tightly sealed, ventilation can become an issue: without the proper design and devices, your staff, clients, and visitors could be breathing stale, contaminated air.

IAQ Solutions From Haller

There are three main ways we can help improve IAQ in your commercial space: focusing on three main goals:

  • Purify air (decontaminate particles and pollutants)
  • Circulate air (deliver clean air to each room)
  • Improve ventilation (introduce fresh air and move stale air out)

Before adding a new device, there are two approaches to help identify issues and make improvements: testing and maintenance.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Haller can test your building’s air quality to get a clear idea of where you’re starting from. Once we diagnose and identify problems, we can get to work on targeted solutions. 

From specialized devices and detectors to manual checks in, on, and around your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, we know the signs and signals of poor filtration, contaminant buildup, and inadequate recirculation.

Regular HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance doesn’t only improve efficiency and extend the life of your system, it can help keep your air cleaner and fresher, too.

Frequent filter changes, cleaning, and periodic professional tune-ups can help your HVAC system and accessories stay on track. One place to begin is with your air vents: take a close look to see if there’s dirt buildup (it’s a common problem in commercial buildings).

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Systems and Devices for Better IAQ

Wondering what you can change, add, or upgrade for better commercial indoor air quality? We carry popular devices to boost IAQ from top brands in the industry:

Air Purifier

Air Purifiers

Want the latest in clean air technology? We install commercial air purifiers that use bipolar ionization to deactivate harmful substances in your air.

Air Filter

Air Filters

Filter out particulate matter that can trigger asthma, allergies, and other uncomfortable symptoms with new, properly installed HVAC filters.

UV Lights

UV Lights

A great choice if you’re looking to inactivate bacteria and viruses, ultraviolet (UV) radiation can help disinfect air, water, and surfaces.

Heat Pump

Updated HVAC Systems

If your current HVAC system is older than 10 years or just not keeping up, consider a replacement: it can save you money and help improve comfort and safety in your building.



If you struggle with dry air, it might be time to replace or install new humidifiers — the right level of moisture can keep you safe from germs, mold, and other pollutants.

Air Flow

Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Using air ducts and fans to extract and supply air to the building, a mechanical ventilation system can help clean air in a large space more efficiently.

Air Handler

Air Handlers

To get the right temperature throughout your building, you’ll need air handlers to move hot and cool air. We can help make sure your air handlers are working as they should.

Air Booster Fan

Air Booster Fans

Looking for better circulation? Consider mounting booster fans in your ductwork to move hot and cold air quickly into a room or space.

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Keeping Your Building’s Air Clean and Safe

Be ready for a safe and comfortable return to the workplace. Here are some things to help keep your air quality high and your people happy and healthy.

Prevent and Protect

Simple steps like system maintenance, opening windows, and using fans can help clean the air.

Go with Touchless Tech

We can help upgrade your faucets, switches and other plumbing and electrical devices with touchless versions.

Test and Monitor

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Know the signs of poor IAQ and be ready to investigate further.

Call in the Pros

If you’re not sure about your commercial IAQ, don’t wait and see what happens —

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