Commercial Refrigeration Services

From cooling to freezing, our commercial technicians in Central & Eastern PA are trained and equipped across all refrigeration services in any industry.

Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs Are Covered

Haller is here to keep your business up and running with the refrigeration capabilities you need. With cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art training and expertise, our commercial technicians can maintain, repair, improve, and install the refrigeration systems that help your business succeed in Central & Eastern PA.

Business Partners Program

Your business’ success relies on a consistent and effective refrigeration system, but on many other systems, too. That’s what the Haller Business Partners Program is here for: to take care of all of your commercial needs. 

Our program is curated to provide the right solutions for your unique business so your facility stays in optimal condition. By providing regularly scheduled predictive maintenance, services, and expense-management solutions for facilities and property managers, we make sure your systems live a long, healthy life to provide for your business’s long-term success.

Keep Calm, Cool, and Collected

Our commercial refrigeration services run the gamut of refrigeration needs, so you have more peace of mind knowing your business is under Haller’s care.

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Predictive Maintenance and Repairs

Whether it’s an emergency repair or Haller’s preventative maintenance program, our skilled technicians provide service for all high, medium, and low-temperature refrigeration systems. We’re stocked and ready with transport, OEM, and aftermarket repair components for quick, efficient solutions.

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Installations & Replacements

In need of a cool new commercial fridge, commercial deep freezer, or other refrigeration system? Our Commercial team is equipped with the design and installation capabilities to assess your business needs, select the best solutions for you, and install them quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Refrigeration Products and Solutions

The systems that work best for you, and the services you need to take care of them. We’ve got it all covered.

Commercial Cooler Systems

Your business needs include medium temp refrigeration equipment for storage or display of your product inventory. Haller will guide you through the design process and install the correct solution for your application, including cold storage, open or closed reach-in coolers, walk-in coolers, and restaurant refrigerators.

Commercial Freezer Systems

Low-temperature storage solutions are definitely in our wheelhouse. Our services include the design and installation of walk-ins, cold storage systems, and display merchandisers for a frozen product. We can also maintain and repair it all.

Energy Optimization & Retrofits

When it comes to your business, energy and cost efficiency are crucial.  We understand the importance of operating efficiency as well as effective lighting to improve product appearance. That’s why Haller’s energy optimization team exists: to enhance the value and lifetime of your refrigeration equipment.

Commercial Ice Systems

Haller offers single-source accountability for ice production. We offer cubed and shaved ice producing equipment and a wide array of bin storage options from standard to custom solutions including manual and automatic bulk ice transportation within a facility.

Custom Refrigeration

Your business has unique needs. We get that. That’s why we offer solutions customized to you and your specific cooling problems — designed by our design-build engineers and installed by our expert technicians.

Refrigeration Controls

We want to be sure that your systems are always working so your business can be always-on. We have controls set in place to provide efficiency and precision, as well as remote monitoring of your refrigeration systems and virtual service to verify efficiency as you see fit.

Process & Environmental

Our experienced technicians are well-versed in refrigeration equipment. They can help you decide which equipment is right to keep your environmental chambers and process chillers functioning at optimal levels.

Expense Management

Keeping track of all this upkeep can be tough. Haller offers expense management solutions for facilities and for commercial maintenance and property managers, so you can stay in control, from service to payment and everything in between.

Why Choose Haller Refrigeration Services in Central & Eastern PA?

It’s our duty and mission to provide the best-in-class service for our commercial customers, no matter the size or scale of the project. With training and experience to back them, our technicians are ready for whatever job you throw their way.

Increased Commercial Value & Efficiency

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and years of experience, Haller’s technicians are equipped to provide the best commercial service solutions at the best value.

Superior Work Quality & Parts

Superior experience can only be provided with superior parts and training. We partner with the leading manufacturers of refrigeration equipment. We’ve got it all so we can give you the best.

Guaranteed 24/7 Service

We offer 24/7 Expert Tech service so that you can rely on us when you need us, no matter what the reason for your call.

Insured Experts

Our technicians are experts in commercial trades, and will ensure the successful completion of your project, from diagnosis to satisfaction.

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