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There are two visions that come to mind for most people when the word “remodel” is in question. One could be the beautiful end result pictures in magazines like this one, of bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. The other could be the dust, loud noises, and the inconvenience of sharing one bathroom, or eating dinner out for the majority of a project. Neither vision alone is a picture of the whole experience. From our years of professional experience, we want to share what’s truly in it for you — the advantages, the drawbacks, and tips for a smooth and successful project.

The Advantages

There are some obvious advantages to remodeling your home, such as adding to the overall value of the house and refreshing the look of a space. However, these benefits are sometimes overlooked or underrated. For instance, the return on investment for bathroom remodeling in 2019 is between 53-57% according to Remodeling Magazine, making it still one of the highest ROI home improvement projects. Jennifer Billock at HomeLight says that even “inexpensive updates to this space could help you fetch 2-3% more for your house.” Whether you are looking to move in the near future or not, adding value to your home is always an advantage.

While refreshing the appearance of a space may be considered frivolous to some, according to the National Association of Realtors 2017 Remodeling Impact Report, “Sixty-two percent [of people] said they have a greater desire to be home since completing the project, 57 percent have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home.” Personalizing finishes in the bathroom or kitchen can help make the space more enjoyable to use, and make it feel more like the home you’ve always wanted.

In addition to home value and personalization, if your bathroom doesn’t work the way you need it to, it can create frustration and disorganization. Not enough room or places to store hair style products, toiletries, towels, and extra toilet paper? A cluttered bathroom makes it difficult to keep clean, find what you need, and complete your morning and night routines on time. Another point of frustration could be the height of sinks or tub edges for those young, old, or with disabilities. An advantage of remodeling is the customization and accessibility it can provide to make sure your bathroom is exactly what you need, now and in the future.

Although remodeling does create some temporary inconveniences, if your home fits all your needs with an improved bathroom, it is certainly a much greater advantage than enduring the hassle of moving. Let’s face it, the packing, shipping costs, inevitable loss of items, and changing commutes or schools is much more chaos than a remodel project.

The Drawbacks

Almost any big decision in life has some drawbacks, and to review what’s really in it for you, we can’t overlook remodeling challenges. The first and biggest obstacle is knowing whether your whole home is the right fit for you. If the bathroom or kitchen isn’t the only major difficulty your family experiences in your home, then a remodel could just be a band-aid on a bigger issue. Of course, as we explored above, a remodel project can increase the value of your home, meaning a remodel could be an option even if you plan to move. Realtor Jacki Shafer says, “In most cases, almost overwhelmingly it is beneficial to get a bathroom remodel done before selling a home. My attitude has always been to put your very best foot forward whenever possible. If your bathrooms are tired and need sprucing up, it’s always a good idea to do that.” Regardless of the goal, it is important before starting a remodel project to think about who the project is for: your family or a potential buyer.

Sharing spaces or changing routines for the length of a project can be a challenge. Getting up extra early to use one bathroom, eating frozen food, or budgeting time and money to go out to eat every night can all be inconvenient during a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Although as they say, no pain no gain—it is important to remember this situation is temporary.

DIY (do it yourself) can create extra drawbacks for a remodeling project, such as prolonging the length of the remodel and taking up valuable weekends and time with family and friends. Inexperience and lack of the correct tools and materials can lead to errors that will need to be fixed, either immediately or in the future. Delays to the project when doing it yourself can create chaos and frustration, especially in high traffic areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. In the end, many people are disappointed in the quality and outcome of a DIY project.

Outside of DIY, the other challenges to a remodel project are easily managed. These include loud noises, dirt and dust getting into your home, and unexpected project delays that need to be addressed. Yes, while these drawbacks are all potentially unavoidable, by hiring qualified professionals you can minimize the impact to your home, and ensure a smooth, timely and professional project from start to finish.

Many professionals have years of practice using shoe covers, drop cloths, and preventing the spread of dirt and dust around your home. While loud noises are inevitable, professionals work quickly and efficiently, so you won’t have to cope with noise for long. It is very important to hire a contractor that can handle all the aspects of your remodel, and that you trust. By working with a contractor skilled in a variety of trades, they can coordinate the project more smoothly. In addition, a lot of remodel work is behind walls and under floors by the time the project is complete, so it is important to choose professionals you trust to provide high quality results.

Now that you really know what’s in it for you, consider tackling a remodel project with Haller Enterprises. We can help you achieve all the advantages, navigate the drawbacks, and have a smooth project from start to finish. Call or book online today, you’ll feel the difference!

Written for R&A Magazine

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