Technician working on exterior HVAC system

You can thank your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system for keeping your home comfortable during the hot summers and cold winters here in Central & Eastern Pennsylvania. Become an expert on when to have your HVAC system serviced to ensure you, instead of the weather, are the one controlling your home’s comfort.

Looking to fulfill your HVAC maintenance plan? Our experts at Haller will make sure your system is in shape for the months ahead!

What’s the Point of HVAC Maintenance?

Your HVAC system is great at providing hot and cool air on demand, which is why you won’t want to take it for granted. Regular HVAC maintenance will save you from premature replacement, costly repairs, and give you peace of mind knowing it’s operating at peak performance to keep your home comfortable during harsh weather.

Stay ahead of the maintenance game to save your unit and yourself from a breakdown when your house gets too hot or too cold.

How Often Should My HVAC Be Serviced?

Just like regular checkups at the doctor’s office, you’ll want one of Haller’s professionals to examine the health of your HVAC system at least twice a year––once for your air conditioning, and once for the heat. This will ensure each part is working properly when you need it.

AC maintenance

While you can perform cooling system maintenance anytime the weather is above 40 degrees, it’s best to schedule a maintenance checkup as early in the spring as possible. That way, you’ll get it done at your leisure — otherwise, you’ll have to wait and comply with the busy schedules of HVAC professionals when the heat has already hit.

Heating system maintenance

Pennsylvania winters can be harsh and unforgiving, which is why you’ll want to prepare your heating system before the cold weather starts brewing. Instead of waiting until the dead of winter, schedule your heating system maintenance in the fall so you can enjoy a cozy and stress-free winter season.

Stay One Step Ahead with Haller

Are you looking for HVAC maintenance services in Central and Eastern PA? Look no further — Haller is here to make sure your unit is ready for any weather thrown its way, keeping you and your family comfortable year-round!

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