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Our Services in Dauphin County

Home to Harrisburg, the capital city of Pennsylvania, Haller provides Dauphin County the plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling services our neighbors need.

As Harrisburg and Dauphin County grow, so does our team of local technicians, committed to keeping your home or business in the best shape possible. Our goal is to save you time when it comes to fixing or upgrading any part of your home, so you can enjoy the beautiful history and landscape our city and surrounding counties have to offer.

Heating and Cooling Options in Harrisburg

While the seasonal changes in Harrisburg are pleasing to the eye, they can stress your heating and cooling  systems. Over time, the humid summers and cold winters strain your equipment, and you might find some parts don’t last as long as you had hoped. When you’re ready for a repair or replacement, we can help guide you through the process.

If some of the rooms in your home don’t have ducts, consider a ductless mini-split for your next heating and cooling system. For higher energy efficiency, geothermal uses what’s beneath our soil to heat and cool your home, lowering your utility bills and carbon footprint. The options for heating and cooling are endless––and here at Haller, we’ll help you make the best decision for your home.

We’re honored to be recognized for our heating and cooling services in Dauphin County:

Best Heating and Cooling Specialist – Susquehanna Style (2018)

We’re Known for Plumbing and Water Conditioning

Plumbing and water system repairs are not likely at the top of your hobbies list. We’re here to repair, replace, and install any parts of your system. Whether you have a faulty garbage disposal or a burst pipe, our team of local plumbers will find the best solutions to tackle the challenges facing your home.

With our training and knowledge, we’ll provide the work and information it takes to treat and maintain your water system. If you suspect hard water is running through your pipes, we can recommend and install different water softeners and filters to ensure the water in your home is clean and healthy.

Here’s what our customers think about our plumbing services in Dauphin County:

Best Plumber (2nd place) – Lebanon Daily News (2019)

Safety First

We’re confident in the DIY abilities of our Harrisburg neighbors to handle home repair. However, certain jobs (especially electrical) are best left to professionals for guaranteed safety and reliability. At Haller, we know all the codes and complexities associated with the issues in your home. 

Regardless of the risk and the skill that the job demands, from electrical to HVAC, we’re committed to your safety. Take a look at how we are keeping you safe during COVID-19 through our safety protocols.  

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