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Your home should be a place of comfort, no matter the season. Old or new, a house doesn’t become a home until you’ve fully upgraded it to fit your basic necessities to feel at ease. Part of those upgrades could be your oil furnace, especially if it’s not properly heating your home during our chilling winters.

Haller prioritizes you and your home’s comfort levels above anything else. We understand that to achieve that, uniform heating throughout your house is a must. Our NATE certified experts promptly arrive in marked vans, uniforms, and shoe covers to repair and install oil furnaces into your home on a 24/7 basis. Whenever you get the slightest indication that something is off with your oil heat, Haller will be there as soon as you call.

Signs your Oil Furnace Needs a Repair

To the untrained eye, the signs that your oil furnace needs a repair can often get overlooked. Although the lifespan of most oil furnaces is about 20 years, some telltale signs can indicate a need for repair or installation other than old age.

Stops Blowing Correctly

If there’s not a sufficient amount of hot air coming out of your furnace, an air filter could be blocked or a fan belt in the supply fan could need repairs.

Strange Odors

The most common causes of unusual odors are from clogged nozzles, chimneys or heat exchangers. In general, if you smell any fumes, it’s important to get your appliances checked by a professional.

Starts and Stops

If your furnace abruptly starts and stops, don’t keep resetting it. Low fuel or blocked air filters could be the root cause.

Strange Sounds

Rattling, knocking, squealing–keep an eye out for any abnormal noises. It could indicate that your furnace is experiencing issues with dirty oil burners, blocked air vents, or issues with the motor bearings.

As a final note, any issue that presents Lower Efficiency could indicate a need for repair.

Pros of New Oil Furnace Installation

While installing a whole new heating system can sound like a colossal task, it can often save you time and money over time.

Lower Energy Costs

Although upfront costs might give you pause about installing a new oil furnace, your annual operating costs would be power with higher efficiency ratings than with your old furnace.

Environmental Impact

With vast technological improvements, new oil furnaces will produce fewer emissions than other heating systems, with lower levels of sulfur and pollutants that contaminate our air.

Dependable Fuel Source

Because revamped oil furnaces require your own supply of heating oil, you’re able to control when and how you want your tank refilled to supply heat to your home.

Safer Home

While oil is flammable, it requires manual input to ignite. This gives you greater control over when you get heat. Unlike natural gas heating systems, an oil furnace doesn’t produce carbon monoxide, the “silent killer” in most homes.

Higher Efficiency

An oil-heat flame burns much hotter than natural gas, delivering heat to your home and water at a comparably faster rate than other energy sources.

How Haller Can Help

Once you’ve weighed the pros and cons of installing a new oil furnace, consider contacting a Haller professional to take the burden off your shoulders. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers. After we install your oil furnace, we will remain a resource for any maintenance or repair needs you’ll have in the future.