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Commercial Drain Cleaning Service

We’re expert commercial drain cleaners with industry-leading tools and techniques.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Geared to Your Business

We know that commercial drains call for a different level of maintenance, investigation, and service than their residential counterparts. That’s where Haller’s Commercial Services Group comes in: we combine our years of experience with the latest technology to deliver drain cleaning services that will get your business back on track — fast.

Business Partners Program

Want an end-to-end service experience to keep your business one step ahead?

Haller Business Partners Program provides predictive maintenance, service, and expense-management solutions to facility, commercial maintenance, and property managers.

Routine maintenance on your drains helps avoid needless downtime, identifying and correcting any minor drain issues before they become major ones.

Maintain Your Drains

When it comes to commercial drains, upkeep and maintenance can’t be ignored — it’s the best way to save yourself time, effort, and money in the long run.

Drain Stoppages

Drain Stoppages

A drain stoppage can shut down the momentum and cut the productivity of any business. Haller can prevent costly clogs by keeping your drains clean and free of debris with regular drain maintenance. We recommend proper cleaning of bathroom, kitchen, and utility room drains at least once a year.

Roof Drains

Roof Drain Services

When leaves and debris are left to build up, they can block roof drains and cause drainage issues — not to mention damage to the integrity of your roof. We can make sure your roof drains are free and clear so you can avoid water damage.

High-tech Solutions for Quicker Fixes

Good maintenance is one part of the strategy. Fast repair is the other part. Haller uses leading technology to make sure that when there is a problem, we can solve it efficiently and completely.

Drain Vision System

Haller uses state-of-the-art drain cameras to provide our skilled plumbers with a detailed understanding of the conditions of your underground piping. This clear picture helps us locate damaged pipes and saves hundreds of dollars in excavating costs.


When the job demands it, we work with an experienced team that uses technology to locate the source of the issue underground and excavate safely and accurately.

Hydro Jetting

Commercial, institutional, and manufacturing industries can be tough on drainage systems. Scour away buildup and blockages with Haller’s high-pressure hydro jetting.

Cable Snake Machine Service

Our machine can handle a clogged drain deep in a pipe. Roots and debris often penetrate drain lines, but they’re no match for our top-tier cable snake machines that can clear away those tough problems (and verify the job is done).

Toilet Augering

Toilet auger vs. snake — what’s the best way forward? Leave the problem to us. For typical residential or commercial toilet clogs, we start by checking the seal and toilet mechanics. If the issue is in the drain line, our cable snake machine can get it out.

Why Choose Haller Commercial Services in Eastern & Central PA?

With unmatched expertise and exceptional work, we will always put you first.

Increased Commercial Value & Comfort

We partner years of technical expertise with cutting edge technology to bring you the best solutions, at the best value every time.

Superior Work Quality & Parts

With expertly vetted parts and equipment and continuously trained technicians, we’re able to provide a superior experience for you. 

Guaranteed 24/7 Service

With our 24/7 Expert Tech service, you’ll get the answers you need, in the time you need them.

Insured Experts

Our skilled technicians will support you in every part of your journey, from diagnosis to installation or repair.

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