Commercial Plumbing Services

Our commercial plumbers can handle maintenance, repair, or replacement across different types of plumbing.

Your Commercial Plumbing is in Good Hands

From pipe maintenance to drain cleaning services, your building’s plumbing system will need some care and attention to keep things flowing smoothly. 

As technology and equipment advances, so does our training and expertise — you can count on Haller’s Commercial Services to repair or improve your plumbing, no matter the size or function of your building.

Business Partners Program

Plumbing is just the beginning — here’s how we can keep your whole business humming along.

If you’re a commercial facility, maintenance, or property manager looking for predictive maintenance, service, and expense-management solutions, Haller Business Partners Program is for you. 

Our timely service means early diagnosis and quick repair. A personalized maintenance plan will help you stay on top of building issues, which means less expense and more peace of mind for you and your team.

Total Plumbing Service

We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service for urgent jobs, and we can plan and deliver a new or improved end-to-end plumbing system for your business.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance and Repair

Stay one step ahead with smart maintenance that prolongs equipment life, identifies common issues, and corrects minor problems. Haller offers custom plans to suit your unique business, and our experienced team promises quick and efficient resolution.

Design Build

Design Build Capabilities

Looking for a brand new commercial plumbing system? We can design and build a system to fit your needs from start to finish. From optimizing existing systems to creating a new, tailored solution, our team is ready to help with your next construction project.

We Work With All Plumbing Systems

With decades of experience and the latest technology, we can diagnose your issue quickly and offer the best solution the first time — that means less stress for you, and less downtime for your business.

Water Treatment Systems

Clean water for pipes, washing, and drinking is a top priority. We can install a water treatment system that works with your existing plumbing to serve everyone who uses it.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you want to ensure the purest water for your employees, consider the advanced filtration of a reverse osmosis system for your building.


We work with different types of commercial boilers for different buildings. Let us find and install the right boiler for your space.

Touchless Plumbing

Stem the spread of germs with safe and clean touchless options for sinks, toilets, and urinals.

Water Heaters

We’ll help you choose from our wide variety of natural gas and electric water heaters to meet the needs of your building.

Hydro Jetting

Drainage systems in commercial, industrial, and manufacturing spaces can get clogged quickly. Hydro jetting will take care of blockages, fast.


Raise the bar with high-quality plumbing fixtures, from touchless toilets and urinals to specialized sinks and commercial wall mount faucets.

Drain Cleaning

We use state-of-the-art cameras to identify and solve for the toughest drain stoppages. From roof drain services to toilet augering, we help keep your drains free and clear.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

Why Choose Haller Commercial Services in Eastern & Central PA?

Our plumbing expertise and experience is unmatched, and we stand by the quality of our work.

Increased Commercial Value & Comfort

We partner years of technical expertise with cutting edge technology to bring you the best solutions, at the best value every time.

Superior Work Quality & Parts

With expertly vetted parts and equipment and continuously trained technicians, we’re able to provide a superior experience for you. 

Guaranteed 24/7 Service

With our 24/7 Expert Tech service, you’ll get the answers you need, in the time you need them.

Insured Experts

Our skilled technicians will support you in every part of your journey, from diagnosis to installation or repair.

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