Commercial Electrical Services in PA

Our commercial and industrial electricians are experts across all electrical services in Central & Eastern PA.

Curated Commercial Electrical Service in PA

Whether your building needs commercial lighting, commercial generators, high voltage electric capacity, or another electrical system, our solutions cater to your unique business necessities. That’s what Haller’s Commercial Electrical Services in Central & Eastern PA are here for.

Our trained electricians have years of experience dealing with a range of challenges, so they can take on any issue or service you need. With cutting-edge technology, we’re equipped to fix, improve, and upgrade your systems for top performance.

Haller Business Partners Program

Beyond electric work, there’s a lot that goes into keeping your business up and running. The Haller Business Partners Program can help maintain operations for any type of business in your building.

We’re here to provide predictive maintenance for your electrical systems to help prolong equipment life, identify issues, and correct minor problems, all with plans custom-fit to you and your needs.

Energize Your Business in PA

Your building’s electrical system keeps your business running. If something goes awry, you don’t want your business to follow suit. That’s why Haller is here to build an efficient and effective electrical infrastructure for your building while providing 24/7 repair, emergency service, and predictive maintenance.

Building Automation

New Technology Installation

Thanks to modern innovation and technology, there are a number of options that allow for efficient energy savings and building system management. From motionsense and timed lighting to LED lighting fixtures, we have solutions to help you cut back on energy costs without compromising performance.


Design Build & Construction

Ready to build the optimal commercial electrical system for your building? Haller can design and create a system to fit your electrical needs from start to finish. Our construction team is ready to help you with your big project, ensuring it’s tailored to your space and business.

Solutions and Devices for Every Electrical Need

With industry-leading technology and decades of experience, Haller can help with a variety of electrical fixes, installations, maintenance, and upgrades.

Thermographic Imaging & Reporting

Using advanced technology, we can put systems in place to detect poor connections, insulation, unbalanced loads, and other electrical issues in your building.

LED Upgrades

LED lighting fixtures offer longer lasting and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Let us help you save money on energy costs by upgrading your lighting system.

Bucket Truck

For those hard-to-reach outdoor lighting issues, such as parking lot lights, Haller is here to help. With our bucket truck, we can get to those difficult spots for you, quickly and safely.

Outdoor Lighting

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but we know your outdoor lighting is important too. That’s why Haller is ready to repair or install any outdoor lighting for your business.

Touchless Electric

Advanced technology has led to exciting innovations, like motion sensing lighting and timed lighting. These safe, energy-efficient options are a great addition to any building, and Haller is here to make it happen for yours.

High Voltage Capabilities

Your building can handle a lot. So can our technicians. With decades of experience working in commercial trades, our trained technicians can handle any issue with your high voltage electrical systems.

Generator Repairs & Installations

When the energy goes out, you can’t have your business “go out” too. That’s why Haller repairs and installs generators for your building, to make sure it runs smoothly, even if things go awry.

Lighting Automation

Automated lighting makes for easier management of your commercial lighting system, from parking lots to office lighting. Let us help you upgrade your electrical system.

Why Choose Haller Commercial Services in Central & Eastern PA?

With unmatched expertise and exceptional work, we will always put you first.

Increased Commercial Value & Comfort

We partner years of technical expertise with cutting edge technology to bring you the best solutions, at the best value every time.

Superior Work Quality & Parts

With expertly vetted parts and equipment and continuously trained technicians, we’re able to provide a superior experience for you. 

Guaranteed 24/7 Service

With our 24/7 Expert Tech service, you’ll get the answers you need, in the time you need them.

Insured Experts

Our skilled technicians will support you in every part of your journey, from diagnosis to installation or repair.

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