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$99 Whole Home Electrical Inspection

Keep your home and family safe!

Peace of Mind

The age of your home only tells you so much about the state of your electrical system. Our team is here to keep your home working properly and your family safe with our $99 electrical inspection.* We will thoroughly review the electrical systems in your whole home, giving you peace of mind, and a plan of action for anything that may need repairing or maintenance completed. We know you’ll feel the difference with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Drain Cleaning

Electrical Panel

With more technology being used in homes than ever before, it’s important to make sure that your breaker panel can handle the demand. Plus, our team can let you know what’s up to code.

Water Heater

Outlets & Wiring

If you notice any outlets working intermittently, or the plug falls out of the outlet those can be signs of a problem. Older homes can have wiring that can cause safety issues. Our team can replace wiring and outlets in a clean and non-invasive manner.

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Smoke & CO Detectors

Depending on your specific detectors, they may be hard wired and/or run on batteries. It is important to make sure monitors are properly supplied with power so they are working when you need them most.

Water Conditioning


If you have a standby generator you count on it when the power goes out. Our experienced team will inspect your generator to make sure it’s still ready for anything!

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