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Need More Power?

With $100 off a main panel upgrade, it’s a great time to replace your older panel! An upgrade not only allows you more power to meet the demand of appliances and outlets in your home, but it also protects them better from shocks, and improves your safety as well. Plus, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we know you’ll feel the difference.

Electrical Panel

Meet Your Needs

If you have frequent circuits tripping, shocks when turning on switches, or just don’t have enough power for all your appliances, then it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade.

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Prioritize Safety

Panels have a maximum lifespan of about 30 years. An outdated or overcrowded panel can present safety risks like arc flashes and fires. You may even be able to reduce your homeowners insurance by decreasing the risk of fire.

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Protect Appliances

Shocks and surges can harm electronics, and are best prevented at the source – your panel. Having a properly working breaker can help prevent any damage to valuable appliances.

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