July 15, 2020 • In News • 1 Min Read

Same Day Call Completion

Haller Enterprises

By Haller Enterprises

Depending on the problem, it can be difficult for many heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical companies to complete your repair in one visit. Even though we regularly stock our vans with parts frequently needed for repairs, it is possible your technician may need a different part for a specific problem. To make matters worse, many times the closest distributor won’t have the part needed in stock. Usually, this means scheduling a second appointment once the part becomes available – wasting your time and money.

At Haller we want to make your life easier, so we are striving to complete all repairs the same day. To do this we had to get creative. One way is by using Uber to transport parts from the distributors to the technician on-site, allowing them to continue working until the part arrives. Another way is by empowering technicians who are close to one of our 5 warehouses or a distributor to retrieve the needed parts for themselves and return to complete the repair on the same day.

A new way we can complete repairs the same day is through our Expert Tech: Remote Assist program. If your problem cannot be resolved over the phone, our Expert Tech will make sure the right parts for your repair are on the technician’s van before they arrive, eliminating the need for a return visit. By striving to complete needed repairs on the same day, we hope to save you time and that You’ll Feel The Difference, working with Haller.

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