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The Flo by Moen

Get peace of mind knowing your water system is monitored through smart home technology.

What is Flo by Moen?

The Flo by Moen is a smart home water monitoring and leak detection system that is installed on your main line water supply and:

  • Monitors water, identifies leaks and notifies homeowners of potential issues with their home’s plumbing systems.
  • Sends real-time alerts through the smartphone app to help inform homeowners about daily, weekly, and monthly water usage.
  • Give homeowners control to remotely shut off the water supply in their home via the app.
  • Automatically shuts off the water if a major leak is detected.
Moen app on phone Flo product in background

Why Flo by Moen?

  • Whole Home Water Security
    • 24/7 monitoring of the entire water system for big leaks, microleaks, and leaks you might not see behind walls.
  • Proactive Protection
    • Daily health tests to ensure that your home is leak-free and alert the homeowner if an issue is detected.
  • Water Shutoff Valve
    • Automatic or remote options that shut off your home’s water systems to prevent damage in case of an emergency.
  • Microleak Technology
    • Sensors that detect leaks as small as one drop of water per minute.
  • Support
    • On-call experts ready and willing to help users identify and troubleshoot detected leaks.
  • Savings
    • 24/7 monitoring helps homeowners see how much water they are using and establish savings goals.
  • Insurance Discounts
    • Depending on the carrier and region you may be eligible for an insurance discount. Check with your local insurance representative.

Where Do You Install Flo by Moen

The Smart Water Shutoff device is installed by a Haller Enterprises plumber on the main water supply and paired with the home’s Wi-Fi. Once set up, Flo by Moen can capture all vulnerabilities in the potable water system.

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