January 21, 2021 • In Air Quality, Heating & Cooling • < 1 Min Read

Healthy Buildings = Healthy Employees

Haller Enterprises

By Haller Enterprises

Facility Owners/Managers, just as we encourage our employees to get a wellness visit with their doctor every year, your building’s heating system needs a checkup too!

Take care of your facility, and your employees, with a Heating System Maintenance from Haller Enterprises.

Are you sending your energy budget dollars up the chimney, because of an inefficient system?Have you neglected/deferred HVAC system maintenance, and are starting to suffer the consequences?Haller Enterprises can help! Our Maintenance Visit will keep your facility’s system healthy and running efficiently through the cold winter season. Our certified technicians will perform a full check of your system – including airflow and combustion. Our system checks help prevent nuisance shutdowns and sometimes-dangerous situations, such as high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) created by improper combustion.A Haller “Checkup” will help limit unexpected failures: from the annoying “No Heat” service calls to the very expensive premature failure of equipment. By performing maintenance on your equipment you will maximize the lifespan of your HVAC system while providing your employees with a healthy environment – giving them the opportunity to produce healthy results to your bottom line.Call the Haller Enterprises Commercial Service Team at 888.560.3430 to schedule your visit today! 

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