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Have you ever noticed how your car alerts you whenever there’s an issue? Usually it’s in the form of a light or a sound to let you know that it needs more oil, your tire pressure is low, or that your engine needs checked. Even though these alerts tell you there’s a problem, isn’t it nice knowing what the issue is so that it can be fixed before it becomes a larger problem? Now imagine that your HVAC system had the same kind of alerts. You would always know the status of your system and be notified of any issues. Pretty cool right?

This kind of proactive maintenance technology does exist. Meet Sensi Predict. This revolutionary new product from Emerson consists of 10 sensors that monitor 32 different functions on your HVAC system. It analyzes the data from these sensors and compiles it into a report that is sent to you monthly. This report shows the health of your system and includes key metrics such as runtime, energy costs and filter status, and notifies you of possible future issues like a freezing coil or a compressor failure. If an urgent issue arises, you will receive an alert with a simple explanation of the problem and recommended action. The same alert will also be sent to the Haller team so that proper action can be taken to resolve the issue quickly. And by addressing these issues quickly and before they become larger problems you prolong the life of your equipment.

How do you get this state-of-the-art monitoring system? Haller is such a believer in the Sensi Predict that we are including it on all new HVAC system installations! Don’t need a new system right now? Ask about Haller’s NEW Smart Maintenance Plans to have the Sensi Predict installed on your existing system. Experience the future of HVAC maintenance with Sensi Predict. You’ll Feel The Difference.

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