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Lehigh County is one of Pennsylvania’s fastest-growing counties. It is home to many local sports teams including the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs and Lehigh Valley Phantoms. The county is also home to the the ivy league school Lehigh.

Heating & Cooling in Lehigh County

There is so much to do in Lehigh County, so the last thing we want is you worrying about your heating and cooling systems. NATE certified Haller Technicians are here to give you peace of mind. Leave your home’s heating and cooling issues to us. We understand the discomfort of living without heating or cooling, which is why we work quickly so you can get back to enjoying your home. Though we wish they didn’t, HVAC systems break down from wear and tear. If your HVAC system starts breaking down, call a Haller specialist. We can help diagnose your issues and recommend a repair or replacement that works for you. We also offer maintenance services because we know that every ounce of prevention is one less worry for you. No matter the budget, we will design a solution you can live with. We know these jobs can get expensive (and not to mention frustrating!), so we are pleased to offer financing to meet your needs.

Repairing and installing your HVAC system as quickly as possible is our priority. Ask about our fast-track program — we can get the job done lickety-split. In addition to fast service, our solutions are smarter with 24/7 HVAC system monitoring. This gives you real-time updates and emergency notifications. This innovation saves you (and us) time!

Smart technology is not the only thing giving you options. HVAC systems have also evolved to offer a range of solutions to meet your needs. Ductless mini split systems allow you to heat and cool without ducts! Other systems, like geothermal, are more efficient to save you money and cut down emissions. There are many options to choose from, and we are happy to help you make the right selection. Haller offers repair, installation, and maintenance no matter what system you use or whether it runs on electricity, propane, oil, or natural gas.

Haller is also proud to offer a range of indoor air quality products, such as whole-home dehumidifiers, air purification systems, UV lights, and more! Chat with a specialist to learn about how to improve the air quality in your home.

Electrical in Lehigh County

Homeowners in Lehigh County care about their home, and often rise to the task and solve repair issues themselves. Electrical, however, is one best left to certified professionals. We want to keep you safe, which is why we encourage you to take advantage of a range of electrical services offered by Haller. We make it easy to book an appointment with online scheduling and 24-hour service. Get end-to-end electrical home services in no time when you book with Haller. 

Electrical jobs vary from replacing lighting fixtures to working on your home’s entire electrical system. No matter the job, we have the parts and expertise you need. If you are undergoing a renovation, schedule a Haller Technician to install recessed lighting, and more. Electrical work is complex, not to mention the codes that set the rules. Haller technicians are experienced and know the complexities of electrical work, so you can leave outlet repairs and electrical emergencies with us. 24/7 emergency support and preventative measures, such as backup generator installation, means you have peace of mind when you work with Haller.

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Gerry is very efficient and he looks for any possible problem and checks it out. He was at the house a lot longer than I expected because he found a couple things that he didn’t like. He made adjustments and left everything working well. He’s very pleasant and very friendly.

Sheryl Tobias
Quakertown / Bucks County

It was a pleasure to have Tim for my AC service. He was very polite and answered all my questions. He cleaned everything after he was done and was very respectful in my house. Thanks

Charles Sciascia
Quakertown / Bucks County

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